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Message from the Superintendent

As parents, we know that your number one priority is to keep your kids safe, and that includes while they’re at school. As we bring more and more technology into our schools, we want to ensure every student is protected from exposure to online threats--from inappropriate content to cyberbullying. That’s why we’ve partnered with Family Zone, a leading provider of cyber safety products and education.

As a parent or caregiver of our school district, you receive free access to the Family Zone Cyber Safety Hub, which includes articles, videos, courses, and more. I hope you’ll leverage these free tools and resources to keep your children safe online.


Dr. Scott Caloss
Wills Point ISD

Family Zone Insights

An app that provides you a way to keep a watchful eye on your child’s online activity. Insights will alert you of risky or inappropriate activity, let you set your child's routine, and provide weekly snapshots of internet and app usage.


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We've partnered with


The Cyber Experts

As leading providers of cyber safety education, ySafe's award-winning team of clinical psychologists, ex-police officers and teachers are committed to supporting families to manage keeping children safe and protected in the digital world.

Family Zone

The Tech Experts

Family Zone creates environments - at home, at school and everywhere in between - that free our kids to get the best out of the digital world, while protecting them from harm, providing parents with world leading parental controls to help manage their family's life online and create homes where children thrive.


What parents have said

Family Zone came to our school and I have to say the information and tools they have to impart is invaluable. Thank you for your service and information you make available. This is a never ending maze for parents and its nice to have credible information.

Joanna Brien-Strawhan