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Family Zone Insights is a vital tool for digital parenting, alerting parents of risky or inappropriate activity on child’s devices, with advice sent directly to you from ySafe’s acclaimed team of Cyber Safety Experts.

What is Insights?

We have partnered with our friends at Family Zone to offer parents free access to a Family Zone Insights account as part of this Induction.

Family Zone Insights is a monitoring tool that when activated on a child's device, will alert parents of risky or inappropriate activity, and allow them to locate their children’s devices.

Most importantly, Insights provides parents with alerts, recommendations, and practical advice from ySafe, if and when their child accesses such content. Parents receive information directly from our nationally-acclaimed team with our insights about the danger, including app reviews for games and social media sites.

*Please note: Insights will not block content. It is designed to notify parents in the event that their child accesses risky or inappropriate material, and provide parents with transparency and support resources to discuss and manage the issue with their child.

Activating Your Insights Account

Here are the simple steps that you need to activate monitoring on your child's devices.

  1. Sign up for an account
    Click this link and create your free account, following the instuctions given on the website. Setup a pin code (be sure not to share this code with your children!).

  2. Setup your Family
    When prompted, set up your children's names and ages. This will be used as a reference when alerting you if your child is accessing something dangerous for their age group.

  3. Select 'Filter Only'
    Depending on the current settings that the school may have on your child's device, you may be presented with an option to select to 'Full Install' or 'Filter Only'. Be sure to select 'Filter Only' otherwise the school's existing filtering will inhibit Insights from working.

  4. Setup Your Child's School
    As most schools have filtering systems, we need Insights to work with the school's existing system. You must select your child's school in order for the filtering systems to work seamlessly together. If your school isn't listed, follow the link within the website to register it.

  5. Install the Mobile Zone App
    Download the Mobile Zone app onto your child's device that you wish to monitor. Follow the prompts for setting up the app.


What Information Can You Receive From Insights?

Monitor Your
Child's Browsing

Receive Weekly
Activity Snapshots

Cyber Safety Advice
Direct from ySafe

Social Media & Game
App Reviews from ySafe



Need a little more than just monitoring?

For those parents that want a little extra help controlling screen time and access to apps, we have included some handy information on parental control tools.